INSIDE AMY SCHUMER’s 12 ANGRY MEN Parody Is Brilliant and Hilarious

     May 6, 2015


Inside Amy Schumer is one of the best shows on television right now, and I predict that when Trainwreck opens, she’s going to go from star to superstar. But right now, the new season of her sketch comedy series is firing on all cylinders.

Last night’s entire episode was based on Sidney Lumet’s classic 1957 film, 12 Angry Men. For those who haven’t seen it: SHAME. Also, it’s about twelve men discussing if a young man is guilty of murder. Inside Amy Schumer decided to make it about whether or not Amy Schumer is hot enough to be on television. The satire is dead-on about unfair standards about female beauty in entertainment, and our double standard when it comes to male actors like Kevin James (we also let him be a movie star even though his comedies are garbage). It’s one of the most insightful pieces about misogyny I’ve ever seen, and there are also dildo jokes. You must watch this.

Check out a clip from the Inside Amy Schumer’s 12 Angry Men parody below, and click over to YouTube to spend $2 to buy it at a steal. The sketch stars John Hawkes, Jeff Goldblum, Paul Giamatti, Kumail Nanjiani, and more.


Image via Comedy Central