‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 4 Sketch Criticizes Sexism in Modern Sitcoms

     June 3, 2016


The latest season of Inside Amy Schumer continues to be one of the more unsung highlights of the television year, with some excellent cameos by the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal and Lena Dunham, amongst others. It’s been a pretty excellent continuation of the ideas Schumer touched on in her Chris Rock-directed HBO comedy special from New York’s Apollo Theater, and one of the most recent sketch clips from this season directly references a point she made in that stand-up special.


Image via Comedy Central

I’m talking specifically about her well-overdue ragging on the unbearable Kevin James vehicle The Zookeeper, in which the King of Queens comedian starred as the titular employee who can suddenly speak to animals. Schumer rightly brought up the absurdity of James, an overweight schlub, paying no mind to, and yet being chased after by, Rosario Dawson‘s character, one of his colleagues at the zoo. Were, say, Melissa McCarthy to romance Dawson’s male equivalent – let’s say Idris Elba or maybe Chris Hemsworth – Schumer argues that people (white men, mostly) worldwide would cackle and harangue out of disbelief.

In this latest clip, she moves that idea over to the everyday sitcom, where an overweight Kevin James-type makes jokes about overeating and turning his bathroom into a hot weekend in Fallujah and gets big laughs as compared to Schumer getting almost no laughs whatsoever for her lines criticizing his obesity. It’s a point well taken, and it of course ends in the realm of the absurd, as Schumer’s work so often does. But considering the unending nonsense that’s been posted against the upcoming Ghostbusters remake – again, mostly by men – this is a pretty topical moment for Schumer, who has never begged off from controversial subject matter. You can see how the sketch unfolds below.

Here’s the clip:


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Image via Comedy Central


Image via Comedy Central