‘Inside Amy Schumer’s “The Knick, Jr.” Injects Steven Soderbergh’s Drama with Silliness, Cooties

     June 9, 2016


This latest season of the Comedy Central series Inside Amy Schumer continues to be a swell watch, as evidenced by Schumer’s absolute skewering of the misogyny of modern sitcoms, but one of this year’s best sketches which aired a few weeks ago is now finally available to watch online, and it’s brilliant. The title alone of “The Knick, Jr.” should tell you what you’re in for, and indeed this is a tremendously silly and downright terrific sendup of Steven Soderbergh’s dark and magnificent Cinemax series The Knick.

What pulls it all together is that The Knick actor Jeremy Bobb reprises his role as Herman Barrow here, and the Schumer crew does a great job of capturing Soderbergh’s singular aesthetic for that series. The joke, obviously, is that it’s all children playing these seriously broken and somewhat disturbing characters, and the execution is spot-on.

I maintain that The Knick is one of the most fascinating things to hit television in the past few years, as Soderbergh essentially reinvented how one approaches a TV series from an aesthetic and aural point of view. Acting as camera operator himself, Soderbergh is as much a vital character of the series as those seen onscreen, and I’m mighty eager to see what he has planned for his entire reinvention of the series in Season 3 should that come to pass (fingers crossed).

For now, “The Knick Jr.” will suffice. Check it out below. Three episodes remain in Inside Amy Schumer Season 4, with the latest installment airing on Comedy Central tonight.


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