The English-Language ‘Inside’ Remake Gets a Gruesome Trailer

     December 15, 2017


Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury’s 2007 slasher Inside was a crown jewel of the so-called new wave of extreme French horror. Brutal, intense, and completely splattered with thick rivets of blood by film’s end, Inside was the kind of horror flick that crawled up under your skin and stayed for a while. Naturally, that sets kind of a high bar with an English-language remake on the way, but from the first trailer it looks looks like they won’t be holding back on the blood at least.

Directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas (Kidnapped), the remake stars Rachel Nichols (Continuum) as a pregnant woman recovering from a tragedy who finds herself under siege as the due date nears. A mysterious, deadly woman (Mulholland Drive‘s Laura Harrier) breaks into her home, dead set on taking the baby for her own, and if the remake is anything like the original, things get absolutely cringe-inducing and deeply horrifying in a jiffy as the women use every object of pain at their disposal to stake their claim to the unborn baby.

Inside arrives in theaters and On Demand January 12, 2018. Watch the trailer below.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Young mother-to-be Sarah is trying to rebuild her broken life: recently widowed in a shattering car crash that left her partially deaf, with her baby’s birth uncomfortably long overdue and alone, unpacking in unfamiliar surroundings having just moved home. She can only just stay afloat. As night descends on her deserted suburban street, there’s an unexpected arrival at the doorstep: Sarah receives a most unwelcome visitor.Alone and carrying her baby, Sarah faces a calculating, cold-hearted and predatory woman – an adversary who will stop at nothing to snatch her unborn child. Trapped and disorientated, barely able to hear the evil that stalks her, Sarah must unleash all her reserves of strength to protect her baby and survive the night. Never underestimate a mother’s protective fury!”

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