Watch: ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Spoiler Review

     December 15, 2018

Sony Pictures released Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse this weekend, and we’re going all-in on a spoiler-filled discussion about the movie. The film has already received some incredible buzz from numerous movie critics and pundits, including our own Matt Goldberg. He called the film “a feast for the eyes” and “the best Spider-Man movie yet.” Click HERE for his spoiler-free review. Some have even speculated that the film will change the game for superhero animated feature films going forward. There has also been talk that the film should receive a nomination for Best Animated Feature at this year’s Oscars, with a few observers saying it could actually win the award.

The film’s production team includes some great minds from the world of animation and franchise films including Phil Lord and Christopher MillerPeter Ramsey, Bob Persichietti, and Rodney Rothman. It features the voices of Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Chris Pine, Mahershala Ali, Brian Tyree Henry, Hailee Steinfeld, Liev Schreiber, John Mulaney, Luna Lauren-Valez, Lily Tomlin, and Nicolas Cage.


Image via Sony Pictures

The film focuses on Brooklyn teen Miles Morales (Moore) who is dealing with the challenges of a new school, a transitioning relationship with his father, and all the obstacles a teenage kid deals with as he enters young adulthood. As if that wasn’t enough to have on your plate, he gets bit by a radioactive spider and soon discovers that there can be more than one Spider-Man in the world. That realization gets hammered home throughout the film as Miles encounters Spider-Mans from other dimensions in Peter B. Parker, Spider Gwen, Peni Parker, Spider-Ham, and Spider-Man Noir. The film introduces the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse and how this coming together of dimensions proves to young Miles (and the audience) that anyone can wear the mask.

In this Into the Spider-Verse spoiler review, Perri Nemiroff, John Rocha and Dorian Parks sit down in the Collider podcast studio to give their spoiler filled thoughts about this unique and vibrant entry into the Spider-Man family of films. They look at the script, story, acting, direction and animation in the film. They also reveal what they might not have liked or what might have been missing from the film. It’s a fun, open and honest back and forth between three film fans and three lovers of Spider-Man.



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