Edward R. Pressman Developing INVASION EARTH! as Film and Video Game Property

     February 2, 2011


Edward R. Presman and Union Entertainment will be developing the sci-fi pitch Invasion Earth! into a film and video game property.  According to Variety, Anthony Hickox and Peter Atkins will pen the script which is about “an astronaut who, after years of isolation in space, returns to a chaotic Earth where mankind is suddenly at the bottom of the food chain.”  So suddenly we’re now at the mercy of cows, chickens, and other delicious animals?  That sounds really cool.  Unfortunately, I think Variety meant that aliens are using us as food so we’re we’re no longer at the top of the food chain, but this movie would sound far less generic if the aliens managed to put us at the bottom.

Pressman and Union plan to shop the project to studios and developers once talent is attached.  Pressman recently produced Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, which should have also been packaged with a video game deal.

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