‘Invincible’ Animated Series Cast Revealed: Who’s Voicing Who in Amazon’s Robert Kirkman Adaptation

     July 18, 2020


It looks like the cast of upcoming Amazon adult animated series Invincible has finally come together. Even better, we finally know which character each member of this great cast will be voicing. Progress on Invincible has been slow and steady since we learned the Image Comics title was getting the animated TV show treatment (A movie adaptation is still in the works from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, too.) back in June 2018. But it looks like a key element — casting — has finally firmed up and the results are exciting.

On Saturday, we learned Zachary Quinto (Star TrekNOS4A2) and Khary Payton (The Walking Dead) have been added to the Invincible voice cast. Additionally, Saturday saw Invincible series co-creator Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) participate in a Skybound Expo virtual panel where he revealed which characters previously announced cast members will be voicing. In addition to series lead Steven Yeun voicing protagonist Mark Grayson and J.K. Simmons tackling the role of Mark’s father, the very powerful Omni-Man, the Invincible casting breakdown is as follows:


Image via Image Comics

  • Zazie Beetz will voice Amber Bennett
  • Chris Diamantopolous will voice Doc Seismic
  • Walton Goggins will voice Cecil Steadman
  • Grey Griffin will voice Shrinking Rae & Amanda (Monster Girl as Girl)
  • Kevin Michael Richardson will voice Mauler 1, Mauler 2 & Monster Girl (as Monster)
  • Mark Hamill will voice Art
  • Gillian Jacobs will voice Atom Eve
  • Melise will voice Dulpi-Kate
  • Jason Mantzoukas will voice Rex Splode
  • Andrew Rannells will voice William Clockwell
  • Seth Rogen will voice Allen the Alien

Invincible is expected to lean hard into the “adult” part of “adult animated series” with a violent, colorful take on the Image Comics series created by Kirkman and artist Cory Walker, and illustrated by Ryan Ottley. The comics follow Mark Grayson, son of Omni-Man, a.k.a. the most powerful superhero on the planet. Mark inherits his father’s powers on his 17th birthday and is soon forced to grapple with the expectations of life as a superhero.

The Invincible adult animated series is coming to Amazon in the near future. For more, check out our roundup of the best adult animated shows you can stream right now, from Big Mouth to Rick and Morty.

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