Storm Reid Talks ‘The Invisible Man’ and Working with James Gunn on ‘The Suicide Squad’

     February 19, 2020

The Storm Reid takeover continues! Ever since headlining A Wrinkle in Time, Reid has been mighty busy taking her talent all over the place from the acclaimed Netflix series When They See Us, to the HBO hit Euphoria and more. There’s no doubt we’ll be covering Reid’s work non-stop from here on out but right now it’s time to put the spotlight on her upcoming feature film, the highly anticipated The Invisible Man from writer-director Leigh Whannell.

Reid plays Sydney in the movie, the daughter of Cecilia’s (Elisabeth Moss) good friend James (Aldis Hodge). When Cecilia manages to escape her abusive relationship with Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), she moves in with James and Sydney, and things seem to be slowly improving. But, after Adrian decides to take his own life, some strange things start happening in the home and Cecilia becomes convinced that Adrian has figured out how to make himself invisible, threatening her and her loved ones including Sydney and James.


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With The Invisible Man hitting theaters nationwide on February 28th, I got the chance to sit down with Reid to talk about her experience working with Whannell and Moss, and also about her personal taste in horror movies. You can hear about all of that as well as what it was like working with James Gunn on The Suicide Squad and what we can expect from Gia in Euphoria Season 2 in the video interview at the top of this article. And if you’re looking for more Invisible Man talk after you’re done watching that conversation, click here for my chat with Moss.

Storm Reid:

  • 00:05 – What past films did Reid find coming in handy most while making Invisible Man?
  • 00:40 – Was there anything about the movie magic of Invisible Man that really wowed Reid?
  • 01:17 – What is actually on set with Reid when she’s filming scenes with the Invisible Man?
  • 01:53 – How does Reid tackle such highly emotional scenes and then shake it off quickly when she’s done?
  • 02:25 – Is Reid into horror movies? What movie really freaked her out when she was younger?
  • 03:43 – Reid talks about her experience working with Elisabeth Moss and Aldis Hodge.
  • 05:14 – Reid talks about her experience working with Leigh Whannell.
  • 06:07 – Reid on whether or not we’ll get more Gia in Euphoria Season 2.
  • 06:35 – Reid on her experience working with James Gunn on The Suicide Squad.

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