Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist’ Photos: Finn Jones Has Some Serious Moves

     December 7, 2016


Those of us who came out for the Iron Fist panel at New York Comic Con earlier this year received a deeper look at Marvel and Netflix’s new series about mystical martial artist Danny Rand, but more new looks are slowly making themselves known to the public. While there’s still a lack of new footage, Marvel debuted a batch of images, showing Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones as the titular Defender, Rosario Dawson’s return as Claire Temple, Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, and Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey as Joy and Ward Meachum.

The basic gist of Iron Fist is that Danny comes home to New York after years of his presumed death. He looks like a hippy dippy vagabond, complete with bare feet and a first-generation iPod, but he’s packing a serious punch. In his absence, his family company, Rand Enterprises, has been taken over.

iron-fist-posterIn the four photos, Danny teams up with Colleen and Claire for a good old-fashioned stakeout, Joy and Ward handles business at the company, and Colleen spots Danny flaunting his skills in her dojo. The end of Luke Cage featured a small but noticeable teaser for Iron Fist: Claire pulled a paper tab off of a flyer promoting the dojo, and the actress later confirmed at NYCC that she’ll be kicking more ass in this latest installation for Netflix’s Marvel series.

The characters of Danny, Colleen, and Claire are all officially confirmed to return for The Defenders, the eight-episode Avengers-style miniseries about a team-up of the heroes from New York City. In addition to Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, other supporting characters — including Elektra, Trish Walker, Stick, and Matt Murdock’s law buddies — will appear. Iron Fist will debut its first season on March 17th, while The Defenders is filming now for a projected release in the second half of the year.

See photos from Iron Fist below: