IRON MAN 2 Viral Campaign Puts Stark Expo 2010 on Your Calendar

     March 30, 2010


It may not be as extensive as the Tron Legacy viral campaign, but there’s still fun to be had with Iron Man 2 as we countdown the days until its May 7th release date.  Coincidentally, Stark Expo 2010 is also 37 days away.  I don’t know how the overlap of the millions of people going to see one of the year’s most anticipated films will affect attendance at this fake exposition for Stark Industries products.

There’s not much going on right now.  There’s a cool video for the 1974 Expo featuring Tony Stark’s father and former Stark Industries CEO Howard Stark (played by Mad Men‘s John Slattery) and some impressive art designs that are worth checking out (we’ve included a few shots after the jump).  However, I would keep an eye on that site as it says “Tickets Available Soon”.  I expect those tickets will be the most technologically advanced single-admittance passes we’ve ever seen.

Hit the jump to check out some of the stills from the Expo and the first image of John Slattery as Howard Stark:

Click over to Stark Expo 2010 for more images.



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