Tim Roth and Frank Langella Join GRACE OF MONACO, Tobey Maguire to Produce and Star in Z FOR ZACHARIA and Dale Dickey Joins IRON MAN 3

     August 14, 2012


Here’s another casting round up for you:

  • Tim Roth (The Incredible Hulk) and Frank Langella (Robot & Frank) have both landed roles in Grace of Monaco, Olivier Dahan’s picture which stars Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly.
  • Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man) is set to produce and star in Z for Zacharia, a post-apocalyptic drama from director Craig Zobel (Compliance).
  • Dale Dickey (True Blood) has been cast in writer/director Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, starring Robert Downey Jr.

Hit the jump for all the details.

Variety reports grace-of-monaco-prince-rainier-iii-grace-kellythat Grace of Monaco will land Roth as Prince Rainier III, who wedded the American actress, Grace Kelly in 1956.  The picture will center five years into their marriage, when the retired Oscar-winning actress-turned-monarch helps the young prince rescue Monaco from a dire tax situation imposed by France’s Charles de Gaulle. Langella also stars as Father Tucker, the priest who facilitated the meeting of Rainier III and Kelly, and who continues on into their marriage as an advisor.

Variety also reports on Maguire’s involvement with Z for Zacharia, which is based on the novel by Robert C. O’Brien.  The 2009 Black List scripted by Nissar Modi centers on a teenage girl who lives alone in a farm that resides in the only valley that still  has a breathable atmosphere after a devastating nuclear war.  Her peace is shattered when two strangers wander onto her land.  Maguire is set to play a scientist who falls ill after drinking from a contaminated stream and is nursed back to health by the protagonist.

Finally, CBM has word that Dickey has joined Iron Man 3.  There’s little information on her character other than being listed as “Mrs. Davis” on her IMDb page, and Dickey toed the party line, saying this:

“I’m filming now. That’s it. They asked my agent not to put anything in the trades when I was cast over a month ago, so they are trying to keep as much mystery as possible.”

I just hope she’s as enjoyable in Iron Man 3 as she has been on this season’s True Blood!



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