Rumor: IRON MAN 3 Plot Details May Have Been Revealed

     March 12, 2012


Though all eyes are understandably on this May’s release of The Avengers, Marvel still has a full slate of movies set to follow Joss Whedon’s ultimate superhero pic. After last year’s one-two punch of Thor and Captain America, the only Marvel film slated for this year is The Avengers. The studio’s next film out of the gate will be Iron Man 3 with Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang director Shane Black at the helm. The movie has yet to even start production, but we may have an idea of what to expect for our third go-around with Robert Downey Jr.’s wise-crackin’ Tony Stark. The plot details in question involve the over-arching plot device for the film as well as where our villain may come from, so if you want to stay clear of possible spoilers for Iron Man 3 (good luck), maybe don’t click on. For those of you up for hearing this latest rumor, hit the jump.

iron-man-3-robert-downey-jr-imageApparently the entirety of Iron Man 3 may or may not involve nanobots. Latino Review is reporting the scoop that the film will revolve around nanobot technology “that can make villains” and “that can also make Tony Stark more than a man in the suit.” Apparently the idea for using nanobots is given to Stark by Captain America in The Avengers, given that Whedon’s film will serve as the tee-up for Iron Man 3. There’s no confirmation one way or another, but LR has been pretty solid with scoops in the past.

The good news is that we’ll have a better idea of what to expect from Iron Man 3 once The Avengers hits theaters. Besides any hints buried in the dialogue of the film, we’ve also got a presumably Iron Man 3-centric post-credits Easter egg scene to look forward to. For now, I’ll leave it up to those more versed than I in Iron Man lore to piece together what this nanobot technology could mean with regards to the comics. Iron Man 3 is set to start production in May and will film through the summer, and Downey Jr. himself recently said that the film has the potential to be the best of the three. Beyond Iron Man, we’ve also got a post-Avengers slate that includes Thor 2, Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Inhumans.


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