LEGO Sets Reveal Possible Movie Spoilers for IRON MAN 3, MAN OF STEEL and THE LONE RANGER

     January 23, 2013


Movie news comes via some strange sources; take these new LEGO sets for example.  New LEGO displays at the 2013 London Toy Fair have revealed some spoilers for such upcoming films as Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and The Lone Ranger.  The spoilers come mostly in the vein of action sequences or locations for epic battles, but there are a few character inclusions that may raise an eyebrow or too as well.  Hit the jump to check out images and descriptions of the new LEGO sets.

iron-man-3-lego-war-machineAll of our LEGO information comes via BrickExtra.  Check out the images and descriptions for Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and The Lone Ranger below:

Released in April for the Iron Man 3 film, each set recreates a major scene from the movies:

76006 as yet unamed … includes figures Iron Man, War Machine (yes, the picture looked like the leaked picture we’ve seen on this forum!) and Aldrich Killian.  Price Point is £19.99.

76007 as yet unamed … includes figures Tony Stark, Pepper Potts (exclusive to that set), Mk42 Iron Man, The Mandarin and another, as yet unamed, figure!  Price Point is £34.99

76998 as yet unamed … includes an exclusive Iron Man and The Mandarin.  That’s all I noted down.  Price point is £11.99.

Man of Steel:

Released in May for the Superman Man of Steel film, again, each set recreated major scenes from the movies:

76002 as yet unamed … includes Superman and General Zod minifigures.  Price point £11.99.

76003 as yet unamed … includes Superman, Colonel Hardy, General Zod, Faora and another figure perhaps, but I can’t read my own handwriting … maybe Lorvan?!  Price Point £39.99

76009 as yet unamed … includes an exclusive Lois Lane, Superman and General Zod.  Price point £19.99.

The Lone Ranger:

lone-ranger-lego-setAll of the Lone Ranger sets were on display, although the minifigures for 4 of the sets were not present at the Toy Fair … they were all replaced with standard yellow figures.  The release date were were given was 19th July, although the dealer catalogue I have suggests May.  The sets overall looked really good and may we  drive a resurgence is interest in cowboy themes.  The guy who was showing us these sets said that the Lone Ranger figure is different in each set, although I can’t vouch for that as we didn’t see all the variants.

79106 Cavalry Builder Set … a nice little “battle pack” set, with 3 cavalry figure and the Lone Ranger.  Comes with a horse (the one that can rear up, that first came in the LOTR sets) and a small fort & cannon.  Price point £11.99.

79107 Comanche Camp … a set consisting of a wigwam, canoe and a scorpion pit.  Comes with 3 figures, Lone Ranger, Tonto and Chief Redmeat (if I heard my audio recording correctly).  Price point £19.99.

79108 Stagecoach Escape … a pretty nice looking stagecoach (with proper suspension), featuring 5 minifigures … Tonto, Lone Ranger, 2 bad guys and Red Harrington, plus 3 horses.  Apparently, the safe that’s on top of the Stagecoach was a Lego invention and they liked it so much, they put it in the film!  Price point £29.99.

79109 Colby City Showdown … a bank and a jail, both of which have plenty of play features where parts of the sets will blow up … a safe, the front of the bank and the jail cell.  Figures include 2 bad guys, Dan Reid, Tonto and the Lone Ranger.  Price point £39.99.

79110 Silver Mine Shootout … a pretty nice playset, again featuring parts of the set that will blow up.  Set features Tonto, the Lone Ranger, 2 baddies and another Indian.  There seemed to be some nice chrome silver parts too (Coins, bullion bars etc), which is the treasure the baddie is trying to steal, I assume.   Price point £69.99.

79111 Constitution Train Chase … a great looking train, including a complete circle of track and seven minifigures – Rebecca Reid, Tonto, Lone Ranger, Rebecca Reid’s son, cavalry officer (that had a rather nice cavalry hat and hair mold) and another bad guy who also has a working gattling gun, which was a good play feature indeed.  Price point £79.99.



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