Watch the First Four Minutes of Moon Nazi Movie IRON SKY

     March 16, 2012


Early last month, a peculiar little trailer popped up on the web for a movie called Iron Sky. I had never heard of the film, but I gave the trailer a go because I read something about moon Nazis and I thought to myself, “That can’t be right.” But no, a movie about moon Nazis does, in fact, exist and now the first four minutes of the film are online for your viewing pleasure. The premise rests on the fact that the Nazis landed on the moon 70 years ago and are now primed and ready for an all-out invasion of Earth. These first four minutes all take place on the moon and center on a couple of American astronauts who have just landed and decide to take a look around. Yes, the encounter moon Nazis.

Hit the jump to watch the clip. The film stars Udo Kier, Julia Dietze and Christopher Kirby. You can read Matt’s review right here. Iron Sky opens in the UK and Finland on April 4th, and hits theaters stateside sometime this year.



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