Is Casting Already Underway For THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN?

     October 11, 2009

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You probably knew that the massive success of “Twilight” last November led Summit Entertainment to quickly secure the rights to all four books in Stephanie Meyer’s series.  You probably also knew that the studio went to great lengths to get the first three films in front of cameras before the franchise could lose any of its hysterical momentum.  But there’s fast and then there’s really fast.  Before Summit has even officially greenlit Meyer’s fourth and final novel, “Breaking Dawn”, a casting website has already posted info on how actors can secure a role in “Breaking Dawn”.  Details after the jump.

UPDATE: Summit is telling us the story isn’t true. Hit the jump to read the original report.

Twilight Breaking Dawn book (1).jpgHere’s what we found on the site

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” production has been greenlit and I now have the latest information. The fourth saga in the Twilight Series is going back to its roots and will be filmed in Portland, Oregon. Principal photography will not begin until September, 2010. The film’s director has yet to be announced.

The website also reports that a new production company called Sunswept Entertainment – founded by “Twilight” and “Eclipse” producer Karen Rosenfelt – will be behind “Breaking Dawn”.  The site lists casting calls for principals and extras in both LA and Portland but has no contact info for the film’s casting director.  I find it hard to believe that any principal casting would be done before a director has been confirmed (directors have this weird habit of wanting a say in who will be in their movies) but if this audition site does have their facts straight, expect a press release from Summit to hit pretty quick.

“Breaking Dawn” will feature the further adventures of Bella, Edward and Jacob in addition to introducing the creepily cognizant half-human half-vamp baby Renesmee Cullen.  I wonder if Dakota Fanning has any sisters that are younger than Elle…

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