Is Director Louis Leterrier Interested in Y: THE LAST MAN?

     March 26, 2010


Director Louis Leterrier may be the one to finally bring Y: The Last Man out of development hell and onto the big screen.  Based on the brilliant comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan (who is currently shopping around a script for his apocalyptic-heist story, The Vault), Latino Review reports (via their source “Pinche Taco”, who is clearly a smart guy but for some reason writes like a mentally retarded Mexican) that the Incredible Hulk director is circling the project.  Earlier this week, we reported that Leterrier was also on the short list for The Avengers, but Latino Review says that was just self-promotion on the director’s part.

It’s hard to say whether or not Leterrier is a good choice at this point.  I like The Incredible Hulk, but it doesn’t make me think, “This guy must direct Y: The Last Man.” I’m seeing Clash of the Titans so I’ll have a more informed opinion of the guy then.

Hit the jump for a brief history of trying to adapt Y: The Last Man thus far.

It’s been a tough road for The Last Man.  Mr. Taco does a good job recapping the problems with bringing it to the big screen and lays the blame at the feet of original producers J.C. Spink and Chris Bender and new owner New Line Cinema, specifically Chairman Toby Emmerich.  However, he says that President Chris Brenner is championing the project, so we’ll see.

A while back, the film was to be directed by D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye) and star Shia LaBeouf.  However, D.J. Caruso has been attached to numerous projects in the past year including Jack and the Beanstalk, an adaptation of the video game Dead Space, and The Art of Making Money with Chris Pine.  The thing is that directors will attach themselves to numerous projects and whichever one gets the right star with the right script and enough money will be their next project.  Meanwhile LaBeouf said last June he was still interested in doing the film, but I don’t know if he’d do it without Caruso.  Also, being Shia LaBeouf, I’m sure he has other offers and as the project drifts further away, I wonder if his enthusiasm to play the title character, Yorick Brown, is waning.


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