Is FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART 2 Dead? Why?

     April 22, 2010

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Platinum Dunes Producer Brad Fuller revealed on his Twitter feed [via Bloody-Disgusting] that Friday the 13th: Part 2 is dead.  That comes as a shock for several reasons.  First, almost every moderately successful movie gets a sequel these days.  Secondly, the first Friday the 13th grossed $90 million worldwide off a $20 million budget.  Yes, sequels have to be bigger than the original, but no one expects or is asking for an expensive Friday the 13th movie.

Fuller tried to explain on his Twitter that, “its not my call- i would drop everything and make it today if they wanted it,” and the reason is it’s off is “is a long story-.”  It’s a long story that I’m sure Fuller will be asked about when he does press for Platinum Dunes’ remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, which opens on April 30th.

Steve spoke with Fuller and co-producer Andrew Form last year on the set of Nightmare on Elm Street.  Hit the jump for what Fuller and Form had to say about the Friday the 13th sequel back then.

friday_the_13th_movie_image__5_.jpgLast year, Fuller and Form said they were hoping for an August 13th, 2010 release date and to possibly shoot in 3D.  They also joked about having it take place in the snow.  Here’s are their exact quotes on Friday the 13th: Part 2:

Brad: Listen, I think that for that movie we want to have a fun movie. If we’re going to do another Friday the 13th, you know we were having a blast on the set; we want to have fun. We also want to bring things they haven’t seen before and one of the things that they haven’t seen before is Jason in the snow. They haven’t seen that before.

Can you see it in 3D?

Brad: It’s certainly been talked about. The financial ramifications of doing a movie in 3-D on a budget that size, ’cause it’s not like they’re going to say to us “yah well why don’t you make a sequel and here’s twice as much money”, it doesn’t go that way. Our movies are virtually all the exact same budget and I guarantee you if we make that movie it’ll be the same budget as the original. And we’ll say “hey do you want to do it in 3-D” and they’ll say “yah let’s talk about it” and then when they see that it’s six or seven million dollars more they’ll probably opt out unless something that we are not expecting happens. I suspect it will not be in 3-D, although we’d love to make a 3-D horror movie. We’d love to do it; they just don’t throw that money our way.

My Bloody Valentine did very well in 3-D and you have The Final Destination and the Avatar and a lot in 3-D.

Brad: Here’s the other problem, we don’t have a release date, we don’t have a green-lit movie. Let me be very clear, ’cause last time we were talking about this movie it got back to Toby Emmerich that I said that this movie we’re on right now was green-lit before it was so let me veer clear. Friday the 13th part 2, we don’t have a script, it’s not green-lit, and we have no idea what’s going to happen. IF it gets green-lit and we’re able to mount it in a reasonable amount of time, we would hope the movie would open on August 13, 2010.

And it will take place in the snow.

Brad: (laughs) No, I can tell you this, the movie itself will not take place in the snow. I don’t want to sit in Winnipeg with him for two months in the snow. We did that once, I don’t want to do it again. (laughs) What was your question again?

I was asking about 3-D.

Brad: I just don’t think…I don’t know. I mean what do you think?

Andrew: I don’t know if we have the time to be ready for it. If it does all happen, it’ll happen quickly because the film does need to shoot before the winter does come and ’cause the date would be summer next year. So, we’ve talked about how much time to get ready for the 3-D and then how much post time you need which is a lot longer than a non-3-D movie to get it into the theaters and then financially. But, I mean from day one when we started talking about the sequel we talked about it being in 3-D.


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