Why ‘Hamilton’ on Disney+ Can’t Add an Oscar to Its Massive Pile of Awards

     July 6, 2020

hamilton-lin-manuel-miranda-sliceLook around, look around, at how lucky we are to get to see Hamilton without selling a kidney in a Bronx alleyway. The filmed version of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s smash-hit Broadway musical hit Disney+ over the weekend, opening the doors up to thousands of fans who never got to sit in the room where it happens. This also opens up the conversation to awards talk: As (essentially) a concert film, is Hamilton on Disney+ eligible for the Oscars?

Whelp, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has responded, and the final ruling is: “Nah.” Vulture reports that a source at the AMPAS shut down the notion, saying “as a recorded stage production, Hamilton is not eligible for awards consideration.”

During its initial 2016 Broadway run—during which the version debuting on Disney+ was captured by director Thomas KailHamilton snagged 16 Tony nominations and won 11 of them, plus a Grammy and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama just for fun. Adding an Oscar or six to its trophy hoard most likely would’ve been overkill and/or fulfilled some Masonic prophecy turning Lin-Manuel Miranda into a living god so, hey, I’m pretty content with just being able to enjoy the show on Disney+ whenever.

For more on Hamilton, check our full reviews of the Disney+ presentation from a writer who caught the show on Broadway and another who only knew the cast album by heart. If you want to hear from the cast members themselves, here are our interviews with Tony-winners Renée Elise Goldsberry and Leslie Odom Jr.


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