Is Marvel’s THOR Being Shot for 3D?

     April 11, 2010

Thor movie 3D slice.jpg

Here’s a bit of news that should shock absolutely no one: Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, the blockbuster adaptation of the popular Marvel comic book property, might be 3D. How do we know? Well, some guy named SpiderByte over at SHH Forums, looked at a very boring behind-the-scenes set pic and noticed that one of the cameras seems to be of the 3D variety. Further research by yielded that the camera in question might be the 3D-BS Pro Rig…though apparently it could also just be an IMAX camera. At any rate, hit the jump for the evidence.

I’ve long suspected that the god of thunder is far too mighty to be contained within 2 puny dimensions and it looks like Branagh may feel the same. Either that, or he’s just trying to keep pace with seemingly every other popcorn flick that’s being made nowadays. Personally, I’m not on the 3D bandwagon just yet. However, if the filmmakers are, in fact, going this route, it’s definitely best that it be done with the proper equipment from the outset as opposed to hastily trying to convert in post, the results of which have proven pretty unimpressive up to this point.

Here’s the image the L.A. Times ran from the Thor set and further down is a clear image of the 3D-BS Pro Rig.  Here’s the official website for the camera.

I should note…I’m not entirely convinced the camera in the first photo is indeed the 3D-BS Pro Rig, but I thought it was a story worth sharing.  We’ll update when Paramount or Marvel makes a statement.

Thor movie image 3D (1).jpg

Thor movie image 3D (2).jpg


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