Is Neill Blomkamp’s DISTRICT 10 Slated to Begin Shooting This Year?

     April 26, 2010


Approach this news with highly-cautious optimism, but it’s possible that Neill Blomkamp’s (tentatively titled) District 10 could begin shooting this year.  MarketSaw reports that the film is in pre-production and will go before cameras sometime around October.  However, this past October we reported that Blomkamp was making another sci-fi film but it wasn’t District 10.  And as we reported then, that news coincided with an interview Steve did with Blomkamp in August during the press tour for District 9.

Then there’s Steve’s recent interview with Richard Taylor, the creative director of Weta Workshop (who handled all of the special effects for District 9).  When Steve asked Taylor about working on Blomkamp’s next sci-fi movie, Taylor responded, I’m not sure I can say that yet, but by being elusive… We’re just thrilled by the possibility of making films with him in the future.”  So while it’s possible that Blomkamp could be moving ahead with District 10, It’s also possible that there was some confusion from MarketSaw’s source and it’s Blomkamp’s untitled sci-fi project that’s scheduled to shoot in October.  Either way, it’s very exciting news.

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