Is Quibi Worth It? Early Reviews Suggest a Mixed Bag of Streaming Content

     April 6, 2020


Quibi. You’ve probably heard that word more today than, well, any other time in the recorded history of humankind. And with good reason! The mobile-first streaming service just launched today with a bunch of new content that you can watch ASAP. All for the price of free (for now).

Quibi’s series are broken down into three categories–Movies in Chapters, Unscripted Series and Docs, and Daily Essentials–with new episodes of their programming released daily. With News, Sports and Weather releasing new episodes 7 days a week. As a part of Quibi’s launch offering, the first three episodes of Quibi’s Movie in Chapters and Unscripted Series and Docs are available now; new episodes will then roll out daily on weekdays. But is the content worth signing up for yet another streaming service?


Image via Quibi

Well, that’s obviously going to be a subjective question for a variety of tastes and lifestyles out there. With 75 titles currently announced, Quibi aims to offer something for everyone, even if everything’s not going to appeal to some. Factor in the mobile aspect–there are no plans for app support on anything other than mobile devices–and that may limit user enjoyment and engagement in some ways. (Speaking of, some overworked servers and throttled connections are currently making things difficult for new users signing up, but tech difficulties are to be expected on launch. See: Every other service / software launch day.) But for a 90-day free trial, it’s hard to argue against at least checking Quibi out.

The strangest thing about the trial is that you can sign up for the ad-free version; I have no idea why anyone would opt for the ad-supported version during this trial, except to avoid the upcharge three months from now on renewal day, but you do you. In the meantime, I’d advise checking out Quibi’s fare on the offering plate over the next week or so as new episodes roll out. You’ll get a chance to get familiar with the app’s interface (which is a little counterintuitive but simple enough to sort out quickly), the flexible viewing modes (try switching back and forth between horizontal and landscape mode to see new framing perspectives), and the content itself. Who knows, you might just get hooked on a daily program that you find, three months from now, you just can’t live without.


Image via Quibi

As for that content itself, it’s definitely worth the price of FREE, even if it’s just a way to distract you from the ongoing reality playing out around us. But if you need a little more to go on before diving in, be sure to read our current (and future) reviews of Quibi’s early content linked below: