The Mandalorian Is Totally Boba Fett, You Guys

     November 13, 2019


UPDATE: Alright listen – I made a mistake in a previous version of this article. I had a whole slide dedicated to the Mandalorian’s supposedly disfigured fingers, when in actuality he’s just wearing two-tone gloves. In my defense, it can sometimes be hard to tell in Star Wars whether something is an article of clothing or an actual physical feature. (Garindan, for example. Is that his fucking face? I legitimately do not know.) But, that was an error, and I apologize for my oafish excitement.

Ok, so I watched the season premiere of The Mandalorian (click here for the full review) in the late hours of Monday night, just like everyone else eagerly awaiting the release of Disney Plus. I seriously restarted my Playstation 4 over and over again until the service popped up for download. I’m not proud of it, I’m just recording it here in the interest of history. Gerald Ford didn’t want everyone remembering he fell down all the time, but here we are.

Anyway, I was finally able to watch the series premiere of The Mandalorian, and it was freaking awesome. I’m not going to review it here, because we’ve already done so elsewhere on this website, but it’s absolutely the Star Wars film I’ve been waiting for since 2005. It’s the first live-action Star Wars property that does not have anything to do with the Skywalkers or the Force, and it rules. And I’m pretty sure the main character is Boba Fett.

Hear me out. Pedro Pascal plays the titular Mandalorian, a bounty hunter in piecemeal armor working his way through job to job under the Empire’s rule. Nobody ever refers to him by name, and he never removes his helmet, not even when he’s trying to score points with Carl Weathers. It’s been rumored that Pascal’s character might be Boba Fett, and even though series creator/MCU architect Jon Favreau shot those rumors down, it could be another case of “Benedict Cumberbatch absolutely isn’t playing Khan.” Because there are several details that seem to suggest Pascal is in fact the famous Star Wars bounty hunter.