Joel Kinnaman Calls ‘The Suicide Squad’ a “Comedy”, Praises James Gunn’s “Fantastic” Script

     October 25, 2019

The 2016 Warner Bros. film Suicide Squad was kind’ve funny in the sense that, for its entire 2 hour and 17-minute runtime, I thought the theater was playing a prank of some kind, but I wouldn’t classify it as a comedy. That all might change in the sequel, The Suicide Squad, written and directed by James Gunn. At least, that’s according to Joel Kinnaman, who is set to reprise the role of Colonel Rick Flag.

Speaking to Variety, Kinnaman praised Gunn’s script, likening it to a straight-up comedy.


Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

“He’s written a fantastic script,” the actor said. “It’s so funny…I feel like I’m shooting my first comedy. There are a lot of really funny people there. It’s like a learning experience. I’m around a lot of incredibly funny people.”

This isn’t exactly a surprise, given the fact Gunn oversees one of the weirdest, most joke-heavy franchises in the MCU with Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s also the news that characters like King Shark—a very large shark-man who walks on two legs—and Arm-Fall-Off-Boy—a boy whose arms fall off—would be new characters introduced in The Suicide Squad.

But fear not, fans of the grim-faced DC movie. Joker, a film that is decidedly not a comedy, is still lighting up the box office, right on the cusp of becoming the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time. Kinnaman also had high praise for Joaquin Phoenix‘s performance in Todd Phillips‘ gritty Clown Prince of Crime origin story.

 “Joaquin [Phoenix] just crushed it. Wow. He is incredible. He’s such an actor,” Kinnaman said. “It’s surprising to see that kind of a performance in something that has a DC wrapper on it because that’s a real art film. And I have a sister who’s schizophrenic, and I’ve drawn on some of her behavioral things in things that I’ve done earlier, and, yeah, I was really struck by how accurate his [performance was].”

For more on The Suicide Squad, here is the pretty stacked full cast list and our recent interview with Captain Boomerang himself, Jai Courtney.

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