Is Warner Bros. Really Off To See a New WIZARD OF OZ? Not So Fast.

     March 9, 2010

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Hollywood is certainly no stranger to the idea of remakes. With the success of the groundbreaking and visually charged three-dimensional films, Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, it seems that the desire to give classic films the 3-D makeover has quadrupled overnight.

Reportedly, Warner Bros. currently has two potential Wizard of Oz related projects in the works that they feel would benefit from a modern day revamping.  However, based on reliable sources (and Steve will say more after the jump), it seems that neither of the reported projects has actually seen any movement in over a year. Perhaps the success of the two aforementioned films will ultimately prove to be a catalyst for green lighting this project. Hit the jump for more on the projects reportedly in the works and to check out my opinion on the possible remake:

The Wizard of Oz movie image (5).jpgAccording to The Los Angeles Times, one of the two following Wizard of Oz projects could potentially grace the big screen in the near future.  The first, simply called Oz, has been penned by screenwriter Darren Lemke, one of the co-writers on the upcoming, Shrek Forever After.  The other is untitled, as of yet, but seems to be less of a remake and more of a sequel, in which the granddaughter of Dorothy makes a trip to Oz do battle against evil.  With Josh Olson (A History of Violence) serving as screenwriter and Todd MacFarlane (creator of Spawn) on board to produce, this version seems to be coming from a much darker place.

Hollywood has already attempted two sequels, one animated (Journey Back to Oz –1974) and one live action (Return to Oz – 1985). Both failed miserably. Although Hollywood remakes of already classic films tend to be more miss than hit, in my opinion, I think the darker “sequel” could prove the be incredibly entertaining.  Especially when you add the new way we’ve only just begun to view films through the magic of 3-D glasses.  The original The Wizard of Oz broke ground with its use of Technicolor way back in 1939.  It would only be right for Oz to break some ground in the world of 3-D. It will be interesting to see if Warner Bros. can go against the odds and deliver us a hit.

Steve here with an update to Max’s story.  When the article was posted on the L.A. Times, I contacted a few of my sources and found out while the info in the article is true, their hasn’t been active movement on either property for over a year.  The way my sources spoke, it’s a hit whoring article on very old news.  So please don’t go thinking a new Wizard of Oz movie is right around the corner, as nothing is happening on either project right now.

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