‘Isn’t It Romantic’ Trailer Has Rebel Wilson Trapped in a Rom-Com

     October 31, 2018

isnt-it-romantic-sliceBetween Crazy Rich Asians and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, we’re in the middle of a bit of a rom-comaissance, which means there’s no better time to invert all the tropes and trappings that come along with it. Enter Isn’t It Romantic, a positively delightful-looking film from director Todd Strauss-Schulson that stars Rebel Wilson as a New York architect trapped inside of a PG-13 romantic comedy. Warner Bros. released the first trailer, and there are musical numbers, meet-cutes, and gay best friends galore.

No joke, though, this actually looks super clever. It was only a matter of time before Wilson landed a leading role after doing her Herculian best to carry several Pitch Perfect sequels, and she seems game as hell for all the choreographed dancing and Hemsworth-hopping that Isn’t It Romantic entails. Plus, Strauss-Schulson has already proven he can have fun with genre tropes in his 2015 slasher-comedy The Final Girls, which is pretty much Isn’t It Romantic with horror films.

Check out the trailer below. Isn’t It Romantic—which also stars Priyanka Chopra, Adam Devine, Liam Hemsworth, and Betty Gilpin—is set to hit theaters on February 14, 2019.

Here’s the official synopsis for Isn’t It Romantic:

New York City architect Natalie works hard to get noticed at her job but is more likely to be asked to deliver coffee and bagels than to design the city’s next skyscraper. And if things weren’t bad enough, Natalie, a lifelong cynic when it comes to love, has an encounter with a mugger that renders her unconscious, waking to discover that her life has suddenly become her worst nightmare—a romantic comedy—and she is the leading lady.

Wilson stars as Natalie, alongside Liam Hemsworth as Blake, a handsome client; Adam Devine as her earnest best friend, Josh; and Priyanka Chopra as yoga ambassador Isabella.

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