‘IT: Chapter Two’ Adds Pivotal Cast Members

     June 21, 2018


IT: Chapter Two is gearing up to start production, and the New Line Cinema horror sequel has just added a pair of cast members to play some pivotal supporting roles. Clearly director Andres Muschietti & Co. aren’t pulling any punches either with their casting choices this round or with the tough thematic material they’ll be pulling from Stephen King‘s classic tome.

As Deadline reports, Xavier Dolan (The Death, and Life of John F. Donovan) and Will Beinbrink (Queen of the South) will be joining IT: Chapter Two in the roles of Adrian Mellon and Tom Rogan, respectively. They’ll star alongside James McAvoy as Bill, Bill Hader as Richie, Jessica Chastain as Beverly, James Ransone as Eddie, Andy Bean as Stanley, Jay Ryan as Ben and Isaiah Mustafa as Mike, while Bill Skarsgard also returns to terrorize them all as Pennywise. We’ll break down the new roles a little more below, but since they’re somewhat spoilery, if you’re good with just the casting info and want to wait until the film hits theaters September 6, 2019 (!), feel free to stop here.


Image via Warner Bros.

Beinbrink’s role is a bit less spoilery and a bit more involved in the original King story, at least as far as the Losers Club characters go. Rogan is Beverly’s husband, an abusive brute who is strikingly similar in demeanor to younger Beverly’s father. Unlike her dad, however, Rogan plays an important role in the events that unfold during the older characters’ timeline and is not beyond the reach of Pennywise himself.

As for Dolan, his role carries just as much impact but isn’t directly connected with either the kids or adults of the Losers Club in the book. He’s a gay man living in the town of Derry and the partner of Don Hagarty. Despite the town’s strong, anti-homosexual slant, the pair decide to keep living there due to just how quaint everything else about Derry is. The trouble is, Mellon and Hagarty run into some ne’er-do-wells while attending the town fair and it does not end well. And while they have some interaction with Pennywise (with Mellon’s being the worse of the pair), they don’t interact with any of the Losers.

Now all of this could change in the final film, but it’s a good sign of a faithful adaptation that Mellon’s character, specifically, is being included. Dolan, an award-winning Québécois filmmaker who’s been in the critical eye since age 19, recently cut Chastain from his most recent film, which should make for some interesting on-set conversations. Beinbrink will reunite with The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby co-stars McAvoy, Hader, and Chastain.

Barbara Muschietti, Roy Lee and Dan Lin return as producers, and the screenplay is written by Gary Dauberman.


Image via Warner Bros. / New Line Cinema

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