‘IT Chapter Two’ Book vs. Movie: The Biggest Changes from Stephen King’s Novel

     November 19, 2019

Be aware there are SPOILERS for IT, IT Chapter TWO and Stephen King’s original novel below.

Stephen King‘s IT is a beast. A massive horror epic that spans decades, embraces a vast ensemble of characters, details the sprawling history of Derry, Maine, and dips a toe in mind-bending cosmic mythology, the exact details of the novel were never going to make it to the screen, even with two long feature films.

Director Andy Muschietti and screenwriter Gary Dauberman had to do a lot of trimming to transform King’s classic story into a two-part tale — even with a near-three-hour runtime for the second half. With IT Chapter Two now in theaters, we’re taking a look at the biggest changes from the book. (If you want to get caught up on the biggest changes in Chapter One, click through for Dave’s comprehensive guide.)


Image via New Line Cinema, Warner Bros.

There are an insane amount of detail changes and minor characters who don’t make the cut, and it would be impossibly time-consuming to list them all. Everything from the fact that Richie still wears glasses (he’s had contacts for 20 years in the book) to the fact that the adult Losers can’t have kids, who tells whom they love them on the phone at the end (Richie tells Mike in the book, Mike tells Bill in the movie) to minor gems like the foul-mouthed cab driver who takes Bill to the Jade of the Orient and Beverly’s best friend Kay. There are infinite minor changes, which is what makes the book such a special, immersive treat on its own level.

But in terms of the biggest differences, including new characters, missing key players, and the major changes to the ending, we’ve put together a detailed list of where IT Chapter Two diverged from the source material. Check out the book to movie comparison below.

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