‘IT Chapter Two’ Scares Up More than $10 Million in Thursday Preview Sales

     September 6, 2019


Things are looking good for Pennywise and the Losers, at least as far as box office numbers are concerned. IT Chapter Two arrives in theaters this weekend, but those who couldn’t wait to see the concluding chapter in the two-part horror franchise helped the film reach $10.5 million in Thursday preview sales. Not bad at all, but it’s still second place all-time for September horror releases. In first place, with $13.5 million, is the first IT in 2017. Not a bad one-two box office punch for New Line and Warner Bros.

However, the sequel’s preview times started earlier than its predecessor and appeared in more theaters, expanding to a wide release that’s Top 5 all time for number of locations. It Chapter Two will become the biggest September release on a theater basis, but it remains to be seen if it can best its first chapter in any other category. Box office tracking is anywhere from a conservative $85 million to a $100+ million weekend; IT Chapter One holds the all-time September horror record of $123.4 million, which now seems out of reach. Buzz is still positive from both audiences and critics, even if it’s not quite so glowing as the kids-focused first chapter was, so we’ll see just how strong the pull of Pennywise is this weekend.

On the international front, It Chapter 2 already ranks #1 in the 48 markets currently in release for a running total of $16.5 million as of this writing. The international rollout continues today with 27 new markets including UK, Mexico and Spain, followed by France on September 11th and Japan on November 1st. The movie scored Russia and Italy’s biggest opening day ever for a horror film, followed by the second-biggest in Germany and Australia (behind 2017’s IT). Brazil boasted the biggest opening day of 2019 for a Warner Bros. picture. Wherever you are in the world, are you planning to check out IT Chapter Two? Let us know!


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