‘It’ Actors Jeremy Ray Taylor and Wyatt Oleff on Their Dream Casting for the Sequel

     January 15, 2018

When you looked at all the movies coming out in 2017, did you ever think director Andy Muschietti’s It was going to end up being one of the biggest films of the year and the highest grossing horror movie of all time? If you said yes, I don’t believe you. While most of us thought It would be a big hit, especially with the popularity of Stranger Things, I didn’t see one person predicting the film would make anywhere close to its final worldwide box office haul of almost $700 million! It’s a staggering achievement and one of the main reasons everyone involved in the film is hard at work developing the sequel, It: Chapter 2, which is coming next year.


Image via Warner Bros.

With It now available on Blu-ray and DVD and loaded with tons of deleted scenes and extras, I recently sat down with actor Jeremy Ray Taylor and Wyatt Oleff. They revealed their memorable moments from filming, if they’d seen the deleted scenes, if they know anything about the sequel and when it might be filming, if they’ve read the book, who they’d like to see playing themselves as adults, and more.

Check out what they had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about followed by some links to other It coverage.

Jeremy Ray Taylor and Wyatt Oleff:

  • Does it ever get old hearing the movie is awesome?
  • Have they watched the deleted/extended scenes on the Blu-ray?
  • Do they remember any of the deleted scenes from filming?
  • What do they know about the sequel?
  • Who do they want to see playing themselves as adults?
  • it-stanley-uris-wyatt-oleff

    Image via Warner Bros.

    Have they read the book?

  • They talk about memorable moments from filming.
  • What did they do as a group when they weren’t filming?
  • What was it like working with Andy Muschietti and what surprised them?
  • Who ruined the most takes and why?

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