Super Creepy Posters for ‘IT’ and ‘Halloween II’ Revealed by Bottleneck Gallery

     May 16, 2019

The fine folks at Bottleneck Gallery have a pair of horror-centric posters going on sale today, and they’re both creepy af. First up is Ben Turner’s IT poster, based on the smash-hit horror film from director Andy Muschietti. Pennywise the Clown is front and center, but we also see the Losers Club kids quite literally spewing out of his skull in dead-eyed fashion. On top of that, Pennywise is wearing his half clown/half monster grin. It’s all a lot, and it’s terrific. The poster is being sold for $45.

Then there’s Marc Schoenbach’s officially licensed print for Halloween II (no, not the Rob Zombie one), which is being released in collaboration with Vice Press. I love the throwback nature of this one—it’s a riff on the theatrical one-sheet that was created for the 1981 horror sequel, but with some unique touches all its own. There’s both a foil edition and a screen print edition of this poster, both of which are $50.

Both posters will be on sale today at 12pm ET on Bottleneck Gallery’s homepage. Check them out in closer detail below.


IT by Ben Turner
Screen print
18 x 24 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 115

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