Here’s When ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Will End’, According to the Cast

     September 23, 2019


When exactly will FX’s hit series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia end? Well, as the show approaches its season 14 premiere, a few of the key cast members — Danny DeVito, Charlie Day, and Rob McElhenney — are ready to share their feelings about the matter.

DeVito, Day, and McElhenney joined fellow It’s Always Sunny co-stars Glenn Howerton and Kaitlin Olson in an extensive, recent interview with Entertainment Weekly about the show going into its epic 14th season, making it one of the longest-running television shows in the history of the medium. With a season 15 renewal likely and the cast’s interest in actually doing a season 15 already in place, when will they actually call it quits?


Image via FX

According to McElhenney, “For us, we just have a short checklist: Do we still enjoy it, are we still having fun, are we still stretching ourselves creatively, and is the audience still there? It seems like all those boxes keep getting checked, so we keep coming back.”

Day was in agreement with his co-star, adding, “It’s whether we can put out a good season of television. So it’s always making sure everyone has the time and desire to put in the hard work we put in to make the show what we think it is.”

DeVito’s answer about when It’s Always Sunny will end was the most intriguing. To answer the question posed by EW specifically, he replied, “There’s no rumblings about stopping. Next year we’ll come back and do another season and just keep going.” But he continued, explaining how the show’s longevity means newer and younger fans are coming to it all the time and that was a legitimate reason, in his mind, for keeping the show going.

“Right now I’m having everyone sign this script for a friend of mine’s kid who is in England and went through something. It’s his favorite show and he pops it on when he feels like he needs a lift. He’s 11. So our fanbase is growing; we have older guys, women, 11-year-old kids. If we can be like Warner Bros. cartoons, let’s do it. Throw on a Looney Tunes once and a while and see what Frank and the gang are doing. Maybe we’ll expand in the next couple years to some really specific special-effects things, because don’t you think we should all be able to fly?”


Image via FXX

And what can we expect in the current season? Well, the cast was happy to drop hints about that, too. Among the most exciting teases offered up were two from Day, who touched on a laser tag scene and a film noir scene, both first glimpsed in the season 14 trailer. According to him, “[There is a] laser tag episode that we’re shooting right now is a Waiting for Godot-themed laser tag episode, which America has always wanted,” adding later, “We have film noir episode, shot in black and white, using much fancier cameras than we shoot our show on. It makes you realize we should shoot on those cameras anyway.”

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 14 premieres on FX on Wednesday, September 25 at 10/9c. Check out the season 14 trailer below: