Will ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Get a 15th Season and Break a Record?

     January 9, 2020


In 2019, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia aired its 14th season. With this season number, the irreverent FX comedy about a bunch of sociopathic bar owners (a compliment! I like the show!) tied with The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet for status as the longest-running live action comedy series. Will they beat the record and pull out a 15th season? Hell, a 16th? 20th?! Today, at the 2020 TCAs, FX revealed that they’d certainly like to see more sunshine in Philly. And they’re in talks with the core creative team to do so.

According to Deadline, FX chairman John Landgraf said that they were “actively talking to” series creators and stars Rob McElhenneyCharlie Day, and Glenn Howerton about making more Always Sunny seasons. With 15 seasons, the show would officially nab the record for longest-running live action comedy series — and Landgraf has been proud of its quality the entire time, saying that if the crew “wanted to make it 15th or 16th season, we would absolutely do it. The show is still good; it’s as good as it’s ever been.”


Image via FXX

The show also stars Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito, with recurring roles from folks like Mary Elizabeth EllisLynne Marie StewartJimmi SimpsonNate Mooney, Artemis Pebdani, and David Hornsby. Many of the creative team has been exploring different projects as of late, with Howerton starring in A.P. Bio (starting on NBC, now moving to Peacock) and McElhenney and Day executive producing the upcoming Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest. But McElhenney did take to Twitter to squelch rumors that Mythic Quest would be taking the place of Always Sunny: “Charlie Day & I would like to cut the death threats off by saying this will in no way affect Sunny. Sunny Always. Always Sunny… There’s room for both you animals.” So while no cast member has gone on record saying they want a record-breaking number of Always Sunny seasons, Landgraf’s comments plus McElhenney’s tweet certainly seems to equal more Nightman Comething.

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