August 3, 2009

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At Sundance 2008, I saw a fantastic movie called “Assassination of a High School President”. The film was the debut feature from director Brett Simon and it’s a high school mystery that’s laugh out loud funny. Here are some clips. Anyway, back in March of this year, many sites wrote about the film and said it deserved a theatrical release. The only reason it wasn’t getting one is the original distributor (Yari Film Group) went bankrupt.

Unfortunately, I just got an email announcing the DVD release, so it looks like many of you are never going to see “Assassination of a High School President” in a movie theater. And I have to say, with all the crap that gets released week in and week out, this is a real disappointment. The only good news is the film is finally coming out and you’ll all get to see what everyone was raving about at Sundance. What’s coming on the DVD is after the jump:

assassination_of_a_high_school_president_movie_image_bruce_willis.jpgThis Fall, go back to school for hilarious and twisted fun as the dark comedy ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT arrives on DVD October 6th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. A witty high school satire in the tradition of Election and Rushmore, ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT stars Mischa Barton (TV’s “The O.C.”, The Sixth Sense), Reece Thompson (Rocket Science) and Hollywood heavyweight Bruce Willis (Die Hard series, upcoming Surrogates) as the comically intense principal of St. Donovan’s, a private high school rife with mystery and a cunning student body portrayed by some of today’s hottest young stars, including, Aaron Himelstein (The Informers) and Luke Grimes (TV’s “Brothers & Sisters”). The film earned top grades from critics at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, where it was praised for its clever writing, unique characters and sharp acting, notably from relative newcomer Thompson, who shines in the role of a geeky newspaper writer who uncovers a secret plot to overthrow the school president when a stack of SATs is stolen from the principal’s office and a high school newspaper’s cover story fingers popular class president as the prime suspect. Now, ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT arrives on DVD, plotting comic intrigue for movie lovers everywhere.
Extracurricular activities on the ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT include alternate opening sequences, extended and alternate scenes, deleted scenes and optional commentary. For a high school comedy in a class of its own, check out ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT on DVD this October 6 at an SRP of $24.96.

How far would you go to hang with the hottest girl on campus? ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT is an acid-tongued high-school comedy with attitude to spare, starring a sexy young cast including Mischa Barton (TV’sThe O.C.,” The Sixth Sense), Reece Daniel Thompson (Rocket Science), and superstar Bruce Willis.

assassination_of_a_high_school_president_movie_image_mischa_barton_and_reece_thompson.jpgSophomore newspaper reporter Bobby Funke (Thompson) is assigned to write a cover story on popular class president and top athlete. After a stack of SAT tests is stolen from the office of hard-as-nails Principal Kirkpatrick (Willis), Funke publishes an expose that names Paul as the prime suspect and suddenly, Bobby is BMOC. But when Paul’s girlfriend, sexy senior Francesca (Barton), makes a move on Bobby and even his former bullies play nice, Funke begins to doubt the star jock’s guilt and everyone else’s motives. When his investigation uncovers a campus-wide conspiracy that threatens to take down students and teachers alike, Funke must decide to tell the truth or enjoy his new stud status. Also starring Luke Grimes and Aaron Himelstein.
ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT marks the feature directorial debut of Brett Simon and was scripted by the writing team of Tim Calpin and Kevin Jakubowski, former production assistants on TV’s “South Park.” It co-stars Michael Rapaport (TV’s “Prison Break,” Hitch), Zöe Kravitz (The Brave One, No Reservations) and Kathryn Morris (Resurrecting The Champ, TV’s “Cold Case”). It was produced by Yari Film Group and Vertigo Entertainment. ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT has a run time of approximately 93 minutes and has been rated R for sexual content, some nudity, language, and drug and alcohol use – all involving teens.

Special Features Include:
Alternate Opening Sequences with Optional Commentary
Extended and Alternate Scenes with Select Optional Commentary
Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary

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