‘iZombie’: Here’s the Scene You Didn’t See in Tuesday’s Episode

     October 29, 2015


In the iZombie episode “Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues,” viewers had the pleasure of hearing Liv (Rose McIver) sing, which was lovely. And last week on the iZombie set in Vancouver, we were able to talk to McIver, as well as Malcolm Goodwin (who plays Clive) and the series co-creator Diane Ruggiero-Wright about that episode, the singing, and what we didn’t get to see (hint: it would have been awesome).

First up: Deirdre Mangan who wrote the episode also wrote the song, and Ruggiero-Wright praised her talents, saying, “I’m like really? You have to be that talented? She wrote this amazing song and Rose knocked it out of the park. It’s really sweet, and if you weren’t madly in love with [Rose] before … she’s just so good.”


Image via the CW

McIver spoke a little bit about the challenges of doing an episode with singing though, saying “I love singing, and the great thing about this job is being able to pick something up for a couple of weeks and dabble. But it was a little nerve-wracking singing as Liv. There’s something about the vulnerability of when you’re actually singing, and then putting on a character … meshing those two was unusual for me, it wasn’t something I had done. It was a great opportunity, and they wrote a beautiful song.”

However, there is one scene though that was supposed to be in “Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues” that McIver said she went back and fought to keep it in, but ultimately showrunner Rob Thomas said there was no chance.

“When Liv goes to the country music club, there was talk of Clive already being there. And Clive is a line-dancer, just getting into it.” Malcolm Goodwin said he actually bought a line-dancing video game for it. “You know Dance Dance Revolution? There’s a line-dancing version. I was ready to go!” Though Ruggiero-Wright was all for it, Rob Thomas pulled the plug (Damnit, Rob!)


Image via the CW

Still, we’ll get a lot more about Clive in coming episodes, particularly in one that focuses mainly on his character, where he gets to talk about things other than work (finally). And mild spoiler: he’s a really good cook. “You guys will definitely be surprised” McIver said.

As for other upcoming episodes, we will also be getting to see McIver do some magic. Ruggiero-Wright teased, “it’s actually annoying how good [Rose] is! There’s a magic episode coming up, and she picked it up right away, flipping the cards … she’s just super awesome at everything. And cute and talented and nice. Come on already!”

iZombie airs Tuesday nights on the CW.