‘iZombie’ Season 2 Trailer Features Rose McIver’s Liv Looking for Brains

     September 2, 2015


Things got pretty crazy toward the end of iZombie Season 1, especially in the rather crazy season finale, “Blaine’s World.” Though Ravi (Rahul Kohli) was able to make a portion of the cure, intended to be used on Liv (Rose McIver), a variety of catastrophes, including Blaine’s (David Anders) murder of Major (Robert Buckley) and Evan’s (Nick Purcha)  blood transfusion problems, have kept her on the side of the undead, still eating brains to ensure justice may be done for the wrongfully dispatched. And the new trailer for iZombie Season 2 looks to feature more of Liv’s digestive sleuthing, beginning with a case of a murdered frat boy that causes our heroin to get all bro-like.


Image via The CW

As expected, there are also shots of Liv’s colleagues Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) and Ravi, who must continue to help Liv in her quest to either become human again or continue to dole out retribution for the dead. We also get another look at Steven Weber‘s Vaughn Du Clark, the Max Rager HQ director who gave Liv such a hard time in the final episodes of Season 1. And finally, there’s confirmation that Blaine, Liv’s biggest nemesis, will be returning to put her through more grief, despite him essentially tearing her world asunder in the finale. The show’s creator, Rob Thomas, would seemingly be looking to focus more on the procedural elements of the show, which is a wise move considering the show’s distinct premise. Like House M.D. and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, iZombie begins to feel labored and convoluted when it strives to create major story arcs rather than exploring the world via the characters that inhabit Liv’s life. But, as much as I may hope that Blaine and Du Clark will be more marginal roles in this season, it seems inevitable that iZombie will have to indulge the more modern trend of creating an over-hyped climax involving these characters that can’t possibly live up to the build-up. Starting Oct. 6th, we shall see where Liv’s hunger for brains leads her.

Check out the trailer for iZombie Season 2 below: