Jack Black Gets Animated Again; McG Still Wants to do TERMINATOR 5 & 6; and Two New Featurettes for AVATAR

     December 6, 2009


We have a little grab bag of geek news for you tonight.  First up, Jack Black is getting animated again, this time would focus on cryptozoological animals like Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, and James Carville.  Based on a pitch from screenwriter Jason Micallef, Black is currently set to produce, but Heat Vision says he’s not committed to voice act in the project at this point. Black’s vocals led 2008’s Kung Fu Panada which went on to gross $216 million domestically and $631 million worldwide.  He’ll return to voice Po the Panda in the 2011 sequel, Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom.  He also did a great job voicing lead character Eddie Riggs in Tim Schaeffer’s video game Brütal Legend (unfortunately, the game itself was one of the biggest disappointments of 2009).

In another story, Director McG (which stands for “I’ll spend the rest of my career explaining why I call myself ‘McG'”) said in a commentary on BD-Live for Terminator: Salvation last night (where he was asked why he calls himself “McG”) that he wants to make Terminator 5 and 6.  While McG wants this, Halcyon is still trying to auction off the rights to the franchise.  Also, Terminator: Salvation only managed to break even with a worldwide gross of $371 million.  While that is considerably more than its reported $200 million budget, once you factor in prints and advertising it was not the successful re-launch folks were hoping for after 2003’s Rise of the Machines.  So the question becomes once somebody buys the rights to the franchise, will they want McG continuing his intended trilogy?  [Gizmodo]

Finally, two more featurettes for Avatar have come online.  To see the featurette about the ecosystem of Pandora click here, and hit the jump to see the featurette about the story.  Remember six months ago when we hardly knew anything about this movie?  I miss those days.

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