Jack Nicholson To Possibly Replace Bill Murray in James L. Brooks’ New Film

     June 2, 2009

jack_nicholson_james_l_brooks_01.jpgJack Nicholson may re-team with writer/director James L. Brooks for a third time after reports that Bill Murray has gone MIA from the director’s upcoming film.  It’s not that filming began and then Murray dropped out midway.  According to Variety, Bill Murray had been in talks to portray the blueblood father of Paul Rudd’s character, but no deal closed. In recent weeks Murray’s interest in the project waned and he fell out of touch.  My guess: Murray has just gotten really into playing “Left 4 Dead” and he can’t pull himself away from his XBOX 360.  You can’t hold that against him.

Nicholson previously worked with Brooks on “Terms of Endearment” and “As Good As It Gets” and was rewarded with Oscars both times.  The Variety articles also notes that he would be the last piece of major casting with Rudd playing a white-collar executive vying for Witherspoon’s affections, and Wilson portraying a professional baseball pitcher who is also a love interest.  I say why stop at a love triangle?  Make it a love quadrangle with Nicholson in the mix.  You know he’s still got it.

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