Director David Mackenzie Wants Jack O’Connell for His Robert the Bruce Film

     August 26, 2014

Jack O’Connell
has been around and working steadily for quite a while, but he’s only first becoming a familiar name now and odds are, it’s partially because he delivers an outstanding performance in the upcoming release, Starred Up.  The film is the latest from Perfect Sense and Hallam Foe director, David Mackenzie, and stars O’Connell as a violent 19-year-old who’s prematurely transferred to an adult prison.

That one just hit iTunes and VOD today and will also make its way into select theaters tomorrow, but that won’t mark the end of Mackenzie and O’Connell’s time working together.  While discussing what it took to make Starred Up, Mackenzie also teased that he’s got a new film brewing and he’s interested in giving O’Connell a major role in it.  Hit the jump for more.

starred-up-posterAfter praising O’Connell’s energy and work ethic while making on Starred Up, Mackenzie threw in:

“I almost certainly am gonna work with him again, so, you know, that’s great.”

When we asked for details on that next project, Mackenzie further explained:

“We’re trying to do a project about the medieval Scottish king, Robert the Bruce, and I’m trying to get Jack involved in that.  And I can’t say that’s official, but Jack and I have been in discussion on that.  But not as the Robert the Bruce character, as a secondary character, but a very, very sort of close second.”

For those of you in need of some Robert the Bruce 101, he ruled from 1306 until he died in 1329.  Prior to that, Bruce was the Guardian of Scotland alongside his rival, John Comyn.  Both were vying for the throne and ultimately, Bruce killed Comyn.  Shortly after that, Bruce got his wish and went on to lead Scotland against England in the First Scottish War of Independence.

Bruce crossed paths with many more, including William Wallace as portrayed by Mel Gibson in Braveheart, but if Mackenzie’s film happens to focus on the portion of Bruce’s life that we discussed above, perhaps O’Connell could be first in line for the role of John Comyn.

Before wrapping up, Mackenzie also offered a brief description of the tone of the film:

“That’s a medieval fairly gritty – I imagine trying to take Starred Up and transplant it to a big epic, you know, sort of war story in medieval time, but keep it as visceral and alive, but on a very, very big scale in a sort of historical style, so hopefully quite an exciting kind of big project.”

Check out the video below to catch Mackenzie talking about the film himself and be sure to keep an eye out for our full interview with the director on Starred Up coming soon.

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