‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’ Trailer Finds Tom Cruise Digging into His Past

     June 15, 2016


The first trailer for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back has been released via Paramount Pictures. The follow-up finds Tom Cruise‘ titular character returning to his roots, as discovers that the women chosen to take over his role as head of the MP (Cobie Smulders), has been arrested for espionage. Jack Reacher being Jack Reacher, he smells something fishy and the two subsequently find themselves on the run from the law.

Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie did not reprise his duties for this sequel as he was too busy with Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, so Cruise enlisted another previous collaborator to step in: Edward Zwick. Cruise and Zwick worked together on the mostly solid The Last Samurai, and I’m curious to see what Zwick brings to this pleasantly surprising franchise. Although I’ll admit I’m pretty bummed McQuarrie didn’t get a chance to return to the director’s chair here. His first film is a damn delight, with Cruise turning in a wonderfully stoic performance in what amounted to a bang-up mystery actioner. I am firmly onboard this franchise going forward.

Check out the Jack Reacher: Never Go Back trailer below, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight (we’ll update with a less annoying embed when one is available). The film is written by Marshall Herskovitz and Zwick, working from an earlier script by Richard Wenk (The Equalizer). The supporting cast includes Aldis Hodge, Holt McCallany, and Robert Knepper, amongst others. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back opens in theaters on October 21st.


Image via Paramount Pictures


Image via Paramount Pictures


Image via Paramount Pictures

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