‘Jack Ryan’ Is Getting a New Showrunner for Season 3

     October 24, 2019


Changes are afoot for Jack Ryan Season 3. While the show’s second season is due to debut next week, Amazon Prime is already hard at work getting the third season of the espionage action-thriller series off the ground. John Krasinski leads the show as the titular Tom Clancy character, and while Season 1 and Season 2 were run by former Lost co-showrunner Carlton Cuse alongside Graham Roland, Jack Ryan Season 3 is getting a new head honcho.

Word broke in March that Cuse would be stepping down as showrunner but remaining onboard as an executive producer, but a reason wasn’t given—although Cuse does have Netflix’s Locke & Key on the horizon. Now Variety reports that Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring has been tapped to serve as the new showrunner for Jack Ryan Season 3. The report says that All the Money in the World screenwriter David Scarpa was originally in line to take over Jack Ryan, but he exited soon after signing on.


Image via Amazon

It’s unclear what is to blame for all this behind-the-scenes upheaval of sorts. Krasinski signed on to Jack Ryan before he became an extremely in-demand director following his hit horror film A Quiet Place, and the show now has to contend with Krasinski’s super busy schedule. Jack Ryan Season 2 was shot after Krasinski wrapped A Quiet Place, and he then moved on to directing the upcoming sequel A Quiet Place II during the hiatus between Season 2 and Season 3. Presumably filming on Jack Ryan Season 3 is due to get underway before Krasinski’s next directorial effort, but if the show is just now signing a new showrunner it’s not clear what shape the scripts are in—or if they exist at all.

Scheuring made a name for himself with the buzzworthy first season of the Fox series Prison Break, and subsequently executive produced the miniseries Klondike as well as the live-action Halo series Halo: Nightfall. He returned to Prison Break for the show’s revival season in 2017. As for Krasinski, the filmmaker, writer, and actor recently set up a new comedy film called Imaginary Friends at Paramount, which he will direct and co-star in alongside Ryan Reynolds.

But again, it’s unclear if Jack Ryan Season 3 will be ready to go before Krasinski’s next movie, or if the third season of the Amazon series will be slightly delayed owing to these behind-the-scenes changes.

Regardless, all episodes of Jack Ryan Season 2 premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime on November 1st.