Expect JACKASS 3D DVD and JACKASS 3.5 After Christmas with More Than an Hour of Extra Footage

     October 23, 2010


In the tradition of Jackass 2.5, MTV has plans to collect over an hour of  deleted scenes and unused bits from Jackass 3D for Jackass 3.5.  Star Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Tremaine were a bit unclear about the specifics, but the plan is for both Jackass 3.5 and the Jackass 3D DVD to come out sometime after Christmas.  Jackass 3.5 will come out first “online and on DVD around January,” with the Jackass 3D DVD not too far behind.

Hit the jump for a clip of Knoxville and Tremaine describing a few of the extra scenes that will be included.


Chris Pontius’ penis

Knoxville: “Oh, God! There’s a lot of good stuff. Just the three-minute, four-minute bit on [Chris] Pontius’ penis. All the different things we tried with his wang. It’s hilarious.”

Incredible Nut Shots

Knoxville: “‘Incredible Nut Shots,’ we spent more time on that than any bit we’ve ever shot. That turned out really good.”

The Slip and Bow

Knoxville: “The ‘Slip and Bow,’ where we pranked the guys, they were on a super slippery surface as bowling pins, and the Street Bike Tommy comes down and takes them all out, and they think that’s the bit, but no. [We] had a remote-control helicopter built with paintball guns on it, and they kind of can’t get away.”

Tremaine: “They’re out there on a big giant Slip ‘N Slide. A big thing that they couldn’t get up and run away. They just slide off.”

Rocket Ship to Your Anus

Knoxville: “Well, it’s Bam [Margera] on one end with a string on his butt and the string connects to [Ryan] Dunn’s crotch, and he’s got a rocket connected to that string.  The rocket is actually a prosthetic penis, and it fires up and lands in your anus.”

Tremaine: “Yeah, pretty clever, right?  And it plays just that stupid.”

Here’s a clip of the interview with MTV:

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