The Guys from JACKASS 3D Relive “Memories” with Weezer

     September 9, 2010

Jackass 3D movie image Johnny Knoxville slice

Do you like Jackass?  How about Weezer?  If you answered yes to either of these questions then you’ll most likely enjoy what comes next.  Off of their upcoming album Hurley (due out September 14th), the video for Weezer’s single “Memories” has premiered online and features the mildly insane antics of the Jackass 3D crew.  While it is unconfirmed how many of the stunts seen in the video courtesy of Knoxville & Co. are actually from the upcoming film, as mentioned, if you enjoy Weezer and/or overweight men sliding through blow-up pools, this is the video for you.

Hit the jump to check it out.  Jackass 3D opens October 15th.


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