JACKASS PRESENTS: BAD GRANDPA Set for October 25th; PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Pushed to January 3, 2014 [Update]

     July 17, 2013


The Paranormal Activity has been a hit for Paramount every year for the past four years, but after a drop off of almost 50% from Paranormal Activity 3 to Paranormal Activity 4, the studio may be thinking it’s time to give the franchise a bit of a break.  Paranormal Activity 5 was slated for October 25th, but now that date will go to Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.  The film, based off the popular sketch featuring Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze hitting the streets in old people make-up and participating in various shenanigans, will now be the studio’s low-cost, potentially high-reward flick this October.  We hadn’t heard anything about the feature for over a year, but I suppose we should start seeing some advertising for it in the not-too-distant future. PA 5 will now open on January 3, 2014 and face off against Fox’s horror film, Devil’s Due.

Hit the jump to check out the “Bad Grandpa” sketch. [Update: The Wrap is reporting that the delayed horror film is not Paranormal Activity 5 even though that’s how Paramount referred to it in their press release.  According to The Wrap, the movie set for January 3, 2014 is the Latino-targeted spinoff The Oxnard Tapes, which “exists in a parallel universe” to the Paranormal Activity movies.  Paranormal Activity 5 will reportedly be released next October.  There is currently no script for the film, but editor Greg Plotkin, who worked on the last three PA movies, is being tipped to direct.]


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