‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Trailer Reimagines the 1990 Cult Classic for Iraq War Veterans

     July 2, 2019


Vertical Entertainment has released the trailer for David M. Rosenthal’s remake of Jacob’s Ladder. The new version updates the 1990 film for the Iraq War and follows Jacob (Michael Ealy), a veteran who comes home and sees his brother Isaac (Jesse Williams), who he thought died in battle. But as Jacob tries to help Isaac, he starts to see demons all around him.

The 1990 original starring Tim Robbins is a terrific psychological thriller that deals with PTSD in a way that no one was really talking about at the time. It makes some brilliant metaphysical twists and provides a reckoning for the Vietnam War in a way that no other film had attempted. That kind of reckoning is certainly due for the Iraq War, and I like that it’s specifically focusing on black combat veterans. The biggest new addition is Isaac, and I’m curious to see how that changes the plot.

Unfortunately, it seems that this movie is being buried a bit due to distribution woes, but hopefully that’s not a reflection on the quality of the picture. Jacob’s Ladder is good source material for a remake, especially as an entirely new generation has had their own pointless war (remember the weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist?). It’s possible the new version could become a cult classic in its own right, or maybe it will be a pale imitation. Either way, I’m eager to watch it and find out.

Check out the Jacob’s Ladder trailer below. The film hits DISH Network later this month and arrives in theaters on August 23rd.

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