Screenwriter Jeff Buhler Climbs on to JACOB’S LADDER Remake

     June 28, 2013


Fans of the 1990 Adrian Lyne cult classic Jacob’s Ladder might cringe a bit at the news that a remake is in the works.  Jake Wade Well (When a Stranger Calls) penned an early draft and new reports have screenwriter Jeff Buhler (The Midnight Meat Train) signing on to rewrite the script.  The original film starred Tim Robbins as a Vietnam war veteran who returns home and attempts to put the horrors of war behind him, but begins experiencing nightmarish visions during his waking hours.  Hit the jump for more on the remake and to watch the trailer for the original film.

Heat Vision reports that Buhler will handle the new draft of the Jacob’s Ladder remake.  Producers are said to be aiming for an homage rather than a direct retread.  The story will be updated with contemporary issues, situations and characters, but “still maintain a story that examines issues and poses existential questions.”

Check out the trailer for the original film below:

Here’s the synopsis for the original:

A tortured man is caught in a middle-ground between hallucination and reality in this supernatural thriller. Jacob Singer (Tim Robbins) is a Vietnam veteran who is haunted by a horrible experience in battle that deeply troubles him, though he can’t clearly recall the details. Jacob also cannot free himself of his anxieties over the death of his son. Though well educated, Jacob works as a letter carrier and has become romantically involved with one of his co-workers, Jezzie (Elizabeth Pena), after divorcing his wife. Jacob’s tenuous hold on reality starts to slip as he begins seeing visions of monsters and demons all around him; he suffers severe panic attacks related to the chaos that may be reality, or may exist only in his mind. Jacob seeks counsel from Louis (Danny Aiello), a kindly chiropractor, as his ex-wife Sarah (Patricia Kalember), fellow Vietnam vet Paul (Pruitt Taylor Vince), and enigmatic stranger Michael (Matt Craven) all try to help the tortured Jacob. Macaulay Culkin appears briefly as Jacob’s son, while Jason Alexander, Ving Rhames, and Eriq LaSalle also highlight the supporting cast.



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