Director Jake Paltrow Talks YOUNG ONES, the Challenges of Getting the Project Made, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, Future Projects, and More

     October 20, 2014


Now available on VOD and playing in select theaters is director Jake Paltrow’s Young Ones.  The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where water has become scarce and the only hope for a family becomes an irrigation pipeline that can revitalize their land.  This conflict sets off a battle between the family’s patriarch Ernest Holm (Michael Shannon) and a young man (Nicholas Hoult) looking to romance Ernest’s daughter Mary (Elle Fanning).  The film also stars Kodi Smit McPhee as Shanon’s son.  For more on the film, watch the trailer.

Last week in New York City I landed a great interview with Jake Paltrow.  He talked about the hurdles he encountered in getting Young Ones made, the way the script changed from inception to release, the challenges and “seduction” of the desert, putting the cast together, dealing with the subject of drought, directing episodes of Boardwalk Empire, what he’d like to do next, and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Jake Paltrow

  • 0:24 – Remembering his first interview ever
  • 1:08 – How long he’s been thinking about Young Ones
  • 2:24 – How much about the film changed from its inception to the finished feature
  • 2:25 – The final hurdle in getting the movie made and the short filming process
  • 4:34 – The challenges and “seduction” of the desert
  • 5:34 – Putting the cast together
  • 6:54 – The length of the first cut versus the final cut
  • 8:06 – Dealing with the subject of drought
  • 10:19 – His experience directing episodes of Boardwalk Empire
  • 13:33 – Plans for his next picture




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