10 Directors Who Should Helm the Next James Bond Film

     May 29, 2016


The release of last year’s Spectre marked the end of Sony Pictures’ distribution deal with Eon Productions, meaning Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are currently meeting with a number of other possible suitors—from Warner Bros. to 20th Century Fox—to see who will fund and steer the release of the next Bond picture. There’s also the matter of the franchise’s star, Daniel Craig, who has been more than vocal about his desire to holster his PP7 for good (“I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists” was his exact wording in a recent interview regarding a return for Bond 25). So post-Spectre we might also have a new actor in the role, which is looking increasingly likely.

But of course there’s also one other matter that’s up in the air: who’s going to direct? Sam Mendes came in and crafted one of the best Bond films in history with Skyfall, then was subsequently wooed back to see if lightning would strike twice with Spectre. His time with the franchise is complete, though, which means we’ll get to see a new filmmaker take a stab at the long-running character next.


Image via Sony and MGM

And it’s this last point that I’d like to focus on. The role of a director in the James Bond franchise has varied throughout its history. Sometimes the director is incredibly integral to shaping the picture as a whole, while other times he’s more of a traffic cop, shuffling the franchise along without rocking the boat too heavily. The most recent string of Daniel Craig-fronted Bond pictures, however, have been much more filmmaker-centric, so it stands to reason that trend will continue with Bond 25. We could be at a pretty big turning point here with a new studio and possibly a new star, so if that’s the case one imagines this next director might have the opportunity to reinvent Bond all over again.

So, without further ado, I’ve crafted a list of 10 filmmakers who would make exciting choices to follow in Mendes’ footsteps and take the helm of the 25th James Bond picture. And below that, I’ve included a poll so that you, the reader, can sound off with your pick.

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