JAMES BOND – Quantum of Solace – On Set Video Interviews

     January 26, 2008

When a movie is getting ready to be released, a studio will supply the various media outlets with something called an EPK. This is the term for a press kit that features TV clips, on set video interviews, B-Roll, and whatever else the studio wants to put on to help sell the movie to audiences worldwide.

Keep me mind, these press kits typically get sent out a few weeks before the movie is scheduled for release, so what Sony has done for their upcoming James Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” is highly unusual.

As you’ll see further down the page, I’ve been provided on set video interviews with the entire cast, plus B-Roll footage from the set. These are the same kinds of interviews that would end up on an EPK down the road…but for some reason we get to post it now.

Since not that much is known about “Quantum of Solace” and with fandom pretty excited for the new movie, I think it’s great that I have this video right now.

While I’ve already written that I hate the title. What I don’t hate is that the new Bond movie starts 1 hour after “Casino Royale” ended. Yup, this is an actual sequel that literally starts where the last movie ended.

Even though the producers of the Bond franchise have made numerous mistakes along the way, this is definitely not one of them. Also, I love the casting for the movie. Love.

Anway, I’ve got a ton to edit from Sundance so I’ll leave you with the interviews and B Roll. I hope you enjoy it.

B Roll Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig – on set interview

Olga Kurylenko – on set interview

Mathieu Amalric – on set interview

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Gemma Arterton – on set interview

Judi Dench – on set interview

Director Marc Forster – on set interview

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