James Cameron is Taking 3D to Mars! Helping to Build 3D Camera for Next Mars Mission in 2011

     April 29, 2010

James Cameron is Taking 3D to Mars! Helping to Build 3D Camera for Next Mars Mission in 2011.jpg

Not content with making the biggest and most successful movies on Planet Earth, James Cameron has decided to take 3D to Mars.  And I mean that literally.

Thanks to  the pasadenastarnews, word has gotten out that Cameron is helping to build a 3D camera for the next Mars rover set to launch next year.  Apparently, NASA planned to film in 3D all along, but due to consistently going over budget and always being behind schedule, they scrapped the plan.

But sometime in January, Cameron sat down with NASA administrator Charles Bolden in a one-on-one meeting and got him to change his mind.  More after the jump:

james_cameron_image__1_1.jpgCameron talked about the meeting to the pasadenastarnews:

“He actually was really open to the idea.  Our first meeting went very well. It’s a very ambitious mission. It’s a very exciting mission. (The scientists are) going to answer a lot of really important questions about the previous and potential future habitability of Mars.”

After the meeting, NASA agreed to invest in the camera and it will sit on top of the rover’s mast.  The plan is the camera will film at 10 frames per second.  Joy Crisp, JPL deputy project scientist on Mars Science Laboratory, the official name of the rover project, said:

“You could take a movie and image clouds moving in the sky or a dust devil moving.  As you’re driving, you could take a movie.”

While everyone is unsure if the camera will be delivered on time, if this all works out, I’m very confident the images will be incredible.



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