James Cameron and Producer Jon Landau Talk about the AVATAR Special Edition at Blu-Con 2010

     November 2, 2010

If you’re a fan of Avatar and can’t wait to own the Avatar Special Edition Blu-ray arriving in a few weeks, you’re going to love the video I shot today at Blu-Con 2010.  That’s because writer-director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau spoke to the convention for about an hour and I recorded the entire thing. During their time on stage, the two filmmakers explained just how much work went into making Avatar and why they love the Blu-ray format.  They also went into great detail about the technical benefits of Blu-ray and how the Avatar Special Edition will have three versions on the same disc and all the consumer will have to do is make one choice and the disc does the rest.  Cameron also explained how Fox gave them the money to finish up sixteen minutes of deleted scenes at a cost of almost a million dollars a minute.

The other thing I loved about what Cameron had to say was that we aren’t going to get screwed over with another Avatar Special Edition down the road.  He said that he wanted this special edition to literally have everything, so you don’t have to worry that if you buy this, another one will be released next year.  It won’t happen.  More after the jump:

Some of the other highlights from the Q&A towards the end of the second video were:

  • One of the holdups with 3D is that there aren’t enough 3D cameras.  He said as they are made they are being used.
  • Cameron said it takes 6 months for good post conversion and he thinks it should only be done on library titles that could have never been shot in 3D like Jaws and Close Encounters
  • Regarding the 16 minutes of finished deleted scenes from Avatar, he said they were finished in 3D so when they eventually release a 3D version, it’s ready to go.

Again, if you’re a fan of Avatar, or just want to see how much work went into making Avatar come to life, you should watch these two videos.  I thought I knew everything about the making of Avatar.  I was wrong.

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